Why "find_syst​em('Blockt​ype', 'Model')" doesn't work ?

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Lucas S
Lucas S on 10 Jun 2019
Answered: Utkarsh Belwal on 11 Jun 2019
Hello !
I have a System which looks like this :
And i would like to use find_system() function to retrieve all input and output block. Or if i can't all Model block.
When i use this funciton with both type of block it returns me an empty cell array. Why ?
Thanks for helping !

Answers (1)

Utkarsh Belwal
Utkarsh Belwal on 11 Jun 2019
You have to use the load_system() command first and then use the find_system(). For more information refer to the documentation https://in.mathworks.com/help/simulink/slref/find_system.html.

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