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How use the function “getdata” (imaqtool) to transfer data directly on GPU

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Tutu on 4 Jun 2019
Answered: Tutu on 12 Jul 2019
I am currently using the function "getdata" from the imaqtool library to get my camera data, and make some postprocessing on my GPU.
Hence, I would like to get the data directly transfer from the buffer CPU memory to my GPU memory.
It is my understanding that "getdata" move data from CPU memory (buffer) to CPU memory. Hence, it should be trivial to transfer these data to my GPU directly.
However, I cannot find anything about it.
Any help is appreciated.
Tutu on 10 Jun 2019
No, I meant CPU memory. The camera data are stored in a buffer in the CPU memory. "getdata" moves these data to the CPU memory.

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