How to visualize Images and data with parrot mambo minidrone?

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Am trying to do some image processing using parrot FPV Camera. I tried the model in "open_system('parrot_vision_ext_mode')" the code works but I couldn4t visualize what is happening. I saw This workarround here but it works just in matlab 2019a. How can I use blocks like To Video Display block!!! or even If I can't visualize how can I add results in mat.file generated in the GUI (below) that appears after the uploading of the code!!
please help

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Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 5 Jun 2019
Edited: Srijith Vijay on 17 Aug 2019
Hello Rayane,
The Mambo FPV camera is supported only by the MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones (available from R2019a and above). This workflow requires you to have the original Parrot firmware in the drone.
The screenshot shows that you are using Simulink Support Package for Parrot minidrones which overwrites the original firmware with the custom firmware.
Please revert back to the original Parrot firmware by following the steps mentioned in the link below to work with the drone's FPV camera using MATLAB commands.
Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 17 Aug 2019
Hi Ali,
Here is the MATLAB doc link on how to restore the original Parrot firmware:
Edited the link in the answer above. Thanks for pointing out the typo.

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