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problem linking values in loop with symsum

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bus14 on 2 May 2019
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi community,
I have a normal distribution with mu=100 and sd=10.
I also made a table for this function to compare its values.
pd= makedist('normal','mu',100,'sigma',10)
x = [0:1:200];
y1 = normpdf(x,100,10);
disp('Table using disp command'), disp('x y');
Now I want to create a formula with a summation of k different scenarios. Which should be Sum(p(k)*((l-q)'*z(k)-s'*y(k)) For this I used symsum:
I have however no idea how I can fix that for example k=64 uses the value of y1 that cooresponds to the x value of 64.
I would like this to work in some sort of loop that it does this for every k from [0 200].
(the values z(k) & y(k) I will later determine using linprog and also some sort of loop

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