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tracking moving surface with time from sequence of images to get vector field for the powder surface velocity

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khalid Elserfy
khalid Elserfy on 12 Mar 2019
Commented: khalid Elserfy on 12 Mar 2019
i am doing tracking moving surface for powder with time to get an idea of the poder surface velocity with time. does anyone have any idea from where i have to start inorder to get the velocity from different time steps. i got that surace from boundary detection of the powder surface with time using images taken by high speed camera. the issue is that the surface is so random , and numer of point the decribe the powder surface is changing with time
khalid Elserfy
khalid Elserfy on 12 Mar 2019
the issue that the coordinate are not the same at each time step also sometimes there is more than on point in x or y direction. so it is hard to subtract two succesive curves from each other

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