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setting the background of GUI components to match an image

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shalu vijay
shalu vijay on 21 Feb 2019
Commented: shalu vijay on 25 Feb 2019
I'm developing a gui. I have used static text ,edit text, check boxes, panels and push buttons in my GUI. I have set an image as the background of my GUI.
I want to make the background of these components to blend with the image.I tried F = getframe(ax,[10 20 40 30]); set(pb,'cdata',F.cdata). But this is changing only for push button background. I want to blend all components background Anybody Please help me.


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ES on 21 Feb 2019

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shalu vijay
shalu vijay on 25 Feb 2019
Sir this is working only to set the background image.But i want to blend my checkbox background and text background same as that of the image.

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