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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 26 Jul 2012
hi all, I am trying to plot power vs time in my program, these values are taking from excel file, but I am having different values for the time compare with values in excel, the time format is (HH:MM)and my code is:
[num,T,vT] = xlsread(excle.xls,'Sheet1'); % reading excel
x = num(:,1); % Time column
y = num(:,4); % power column
how can I over come this issue ??? please help and advice...
Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon on 26 Jul 2012
Not sure if I understand the question correctly. Are you having issues with the FORMAT of date in Excel vs MATLAB? You could use functions like DATENUM or DATEVEC to change the format and then plot as per your requirements.
Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 26 Jul 2012
conrad: the time value is read from MATLAB it something like: 12:00, 12:15, 12:30 and so on. when I use the code that I post above, I get numeric values like 0.5, 0.51... so how can I display the time values from the excel ??
LukeS: I have tried to use the datenum but what I couldn't get it correctly, can you please show me how to use it ?

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Answers (2)

Thomas on 26 Jul 2012
Something like this
x={'12:00','12:15','12:30','12:45'}; %time
y=[0.5 0.8 0.3 0.6] % values
time_out=datenum(x,'HH:MM'); %convert time to datenum
datetick('x','HH:MM') % show datetick on xaxis
Thomas on 26 Jul 2012
so what is your 'x'? Can you show an example of 'x' as it is imported in matlab. also what is the output of
whos x
Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 26 Jul 2012
Edited: Samer Husam on 26 Jul 2012
x is the time values to be read from excel (ex: 12:00 and 12:15)
y is the power values also to be read from excel.

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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 28 Jul 2012
is it possible to use datetick function is this ?? please help...


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