Model architecture: signal propagation in subsystem levels

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I'm creating a new simulink project (code generation project) that will contains lot of sub modules and stateflow charts.
In previous projects, I used both wire and label (Goto and From blocks in local). But the result is not satisfy me:
  • When changing (add, remove, name change) of a signal, I have to propagate manually all the changes throught the model architecture levels.
  • I also had to routing again wire or manage the input and ouput of sub system.
I got the idea of using label with global visibility, in order to manage signal in the complete project.
But this way is not recommanded (strongly recommanded) by MAAB (Matlab modeling guidelines) that limits the use of labels to a local contexte.
Did you have ideas for using a signal in the whole project without using multiple wires?

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Find more on MAB Modeling Guidelines in Help Center and File Exchange




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