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How to use Apriori Association Rule Mining on mt own data set?

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motevalizadeh on 4 Dec 2018
I have a dataset with its a matrix(double , 700x16) like this (one row):
2.9514 -0.4094 -1.0403 2.8733 2.4015 -1.3503 3.7288 -2.3375 2.9514 -0.4094 -1.0403 2.8733 2.4015 -1.3503 3.7288 -2.3375
Its a medical dataset(local) and each row is a file of a patient and each column is a feature like age, I normalized it and remove noise.
No I want to use "Apriori Association Rule Mining" to extract some rules.
Every sample that I had looked on the internet like used a different data structure and their data set is a cell that have a one column with some data like this:
I know what's it but i am confused to how to conver my data to this shape or type , whats wrong with me?
How can I handle it?


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