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Problem with webreading using webread and weboption

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I have a link which I need to read information from it and write my info in the web. I used the codes below:
url = 'http://abc/rest_api/qc_steps.json'; (abc is just an example)
options = weboptions('RequestMethod', 'post', 'ArrayFormat','json');
data = webread(url,options)
I get this error:
Error using readContentFromWebService (line 45)
The server returned the status 500 with message "Internal Server Error : An error occurred (23000): SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048
Column 'field_qc_step_image_ref_target_id' cannot be null" in response to the request to URL
which "field_qc_step_image_ref_target_id" is an information in the link. But I don't know how to solve it! Can anyone help?
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faran on 16 Nov 2018
I have this information too.
which I thinnk I need to put it on webread, but I get this error:
data = webread(url,'userId','1','slideId','530','index','background-scoring','value','rejected','index','0.50');
Error using readContentFromWebService (line 45)
The server returned the status 404 with message "Not found : Could not find the controller." in response to the request to URL

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Accepted Answer

Hitesh Kumar Dasika
Hitesh Kumar Dasika on 19 Nov 2018
Please try using webwrite instead of webread as you are trying to send HTTP POST request to the mentioned server. webread is usually used for HTTP GET Requests.
webwrite provides options to put the data in the request as request body and send unlike webread.
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faran on 19 Nov 2018
Thanks, It worked.
options = weboptions('RequestMethod', 'post', 'ArrayFormat','json','MediaType','application/json');
response = webwrite(url,datainfo,options)

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