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How di I upgrade to a new version of matlab preserving my configuration?

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I am running R2017b on a University computer, on a University license. I want to upgrade to 2018a, which is of course available from the University. I want to upgrade matlab to the newer version. However I remember that this usually creates a new fresh blank matlab installation.
I would like to upgrade the existing installation, preserving my path, colour scheme, key configuration etc. I assume this is possible but could not work out how to do it? I presume this is a common use-case.
The reason for needing this, is that
1) I need to do it on several computers, which are all configured in detail.
2) Also I plan to do this every 6 months.
3) Some of the computers don't have much hard disk space, so can't fit more than one copy of matlab on them.

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