Dynamically creating Pop-up menus

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Luffy on 4 Jul 2012
Is there a way thru which i can dynamically create pop-up menus,
example:- I have a graph with plots of sind(1:360),cosd(1:360) in it,
so there are 2 axis children and i want 2 poup menus,
similarly if i hv n children can i get n popupmenus,one for each child
Jan on 4 Jul 2012
Funny. Please post the relevant details: Do you want to appear the popups on a fixed position in the figure, relative to the drawn object or when you click on the drawn line (similar to a context-menu)? Should it be the same figure as the diagrams or a separate figure?
The more time you spend in posting the required details, the less time is necessary for the answerers to guess what you could want.
Luffy on 4 Jul 2012
Thank you fr the answer,from now on i will spend more time in posting details

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 4 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 4 Jul 2012
Use uicontrol to create a popup menu dynamically:
for i = 1:10 % [EDITED, loop added]
uicontrol('Style', 'popupmenu', ...
'String', {'Item 1', 'Item2', 'Item 3'}, ...
'Units', 'pixels', ...
'Position', [10, i*30, 120, 24]);
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Luffy on 4 Jul 2012
I do not want to create strings in pop-up menu dynamically,i want to create pop-up menu itself dynamically.
In the example i gave in question(sind(1:360)&cosd(1:360)),i want two popupmenus with strings in them being static('r','g','b'...).
If i have another graph with 3 plots in it i want 3 popupmenus with strings in it same(rgb-colors).
I hope you understand,if i have graph with 10 plots in it,i want 10 popup menus with each popup menu to change color of each axeschildren

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