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[mistake in docs] Deep learning trainingOp​tions.Vali​dationPati​ence is not Inf by default

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'ValidationPatience' Patience of validation stopping
Inf (default) | positive integer
Running this code:
results in:
Momentum: 0.9000
InitialLearnRate: 0.0100
LearnRateScheduleSettings: [1×1 struct]
L2Regularization: 1.0000e-04
GradientThresholdMethod: 'l2norm'
GradientThreshold: Inf
MaxEpochs: 30
MiniBatchSize: 128
Verbose: 1
VerboseFrequency: 50
ValidationData: []
ValidationFrequency: 50
ValidationPatience: 5
Shuffle: 'once'
CheckpointPath: ''
ExecutionEnvironment: 'auto'
WorkerLoad: []
OutputFcn: []
Plots: 'none'
SequenceLength: 'longest'
SequencePaddingValue: 0
Where ValidationPatience is 5...
Just letting you know...

Accepted Answer

Tish Sheridan
Tish Sheridan on 5 Nov 2018
Thanks for confirming. The doc for your 18a release shows the old default to match the code you are seeing: The doc for 18b shows the new default. The web doc always shows the current release. You can see the doc for your release by clicking Other Releases on the doc home page to get here:

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Tish Sheridan
Tish Sheridan on 5 Nov 2018
Hello - what version are you running? Starting in R2018b, the default 'ValidationPatience' changed to Inf. For more detail see under "Functionality being removed or changed" in the 18b release notes here: Release notes




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