Error when trying to remove object from plot

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David K
David K on 24 Oct 2018
Edited: David K on 29 Oct 2018
I have an axis containing multiple plotted objects, created both from the `scatter` and `plot` commands. If I want to remove one of the lines or scatter groups, I usually select it and then either hit the Delete button on the keyboard, or right click and select "Delete" on the menu. However, whenever I try this I get an error and the object is not removed from the axis. This happens regardless of which method I try. The common error message for the two methods is as follows:
Error using scribeccp (line 24)
Error during serialization
The indicated line in `scribecpp` is
fig = get(groot,'CurrentFigure');
Some other information that may or may not be relevant:
  • Some of the plots use vectors of datetimes for the x-axis, and others simply use datenums. When on the same plot, datenums are automatically aligned with the datetime values on the x-axis.
  • The plots are being created through custom class methods which assign some custom callback functions, though none that I believe should impact deleting the plot.
Why am I unable to remove these plots from the axis?

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