Pause the execution of script

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Luffy on 2 Jul 2012
Hi everyone,
I have a script file which has a plot in it, then i have a gui which changes settings of that plot , so i used pause on & pause(40) commands after gui to stop execution of other part of script to allow user some time to select which doesn't sound good.
I want to pause the execution and have a pushbutton in gui which continues the execution

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Thomas on 2 Jul 2012
maybe uiwait can help.
doc uiwait
Luffy on 4 Jul 2012
@Simon: i didn't know hw to post it,related part is only 2lines and the entire code ws very big to post
So let me explain it simply,
I have to pause my code just after gui loads,so that i can press some button's in gui & then i want to press a push button upon which the code should continue executing from where it stopped.

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