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How to i extract data from my plot into excel?

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Akash Menon
Akash Menon on 19 Oct 2018
Commented: Akash Menon on 22 Oct 2018
Hi there community!
So I have a signal now that I've been struggling to figure out how to extract the data from the plot and save it to excel. I recently asked a question about how to plot 8640 data points across 86400 seconds. (there were 8640 measurements taken in a day and I had to plot it across the whole day). I need to now create a signal out of the plotted data to use on Simulink.
The signal that I extract from the plot must have 86400 y values and the x values must go from 0-86400 (with 1 second intervals). How do I go about doing this? I'm not an expert with matlab so if it could be dumbed down a bit that'd help. Or if there's a way to directly put it into the signal builder block in Simulink.
Thanks very much!
Akash Menon
Akash Menon on 22 Oct 2018
I have 8640 datapoints but the range of measurement is 86400 seconds so I wanted to interpolate the values in-between.
%%Plotting the measured power signals
% Reading excel data
% Adjusting the x-axis vector (86400 datapoints)
%t = days(1);
% Plot 1
%%Interpolation of the 8640 datapoints over 86400 seconds
data2 = interp1(x1,mydata,x2);
%%Plot 2
Managed to do it so hope it helps others! (I used the data3 array stored in the workspace to move the data to excel then I imported that into Signal builder to build a signal out of it- the plots are only for representative purposes- the interpolated data is stored in 'data3' )

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