How to find a string in the following cell structure?

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I have s{1}.name = 'abc', s{2}.name = 'xyz', ..., s{n}.name = 'something'. And I would like to know the existance of a strin mystr ='aaa' among these names, and its index. Is it possible to do without a for cycle?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 15 Oct 2018
Edited: madhan ravi on 15 Oct 2018
index = find(strcmp({structname.field}, 'string')==1)
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Mr M.
Mr M. on 15 Oct 2018
Edited: Mr M. on 15 Oct 2018
dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type
synatax error:
mparams{1}.name = 'a'; params{1}.value = 13; params{2}.name = 'b'; params{2}.value = 42; {}

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Stephen23 on 15 Oct 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 15 Oct 2018
Storing lots of separate scalar structures in a cell array is less convenient than just using one non-scalar structure. You should replace the cell array of scalar structures with one single non-scalar structure, then your task is trivial:
c{1}.name = 'abc';
c{2}.name = 'xyz';
c{3}.name = 'something';
s = [c{:}] % convert cell of scalar structures to non-scalar structure.
x = strcmp('xyz',{})
Even better would be to avoid the cell array entirely, and just use a non-scalar structure right from the start:
s(1).name = 'abc';
s(2).name = 'xyz';
s(3).name = 'something';
x = strcmp('xyz',{})
Read more about how this works:


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