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How to close code generation advisor in script?

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Hello, I want to generate code in a script. After code is generated, the code generation advisor panel is still open*. I need to close it with the script, but I don't find the way to do it.
*: code generation advisor is still open at the end because of warning found. The warning concernes an advise that suggest to enable the use of long long variable on Infineon C166 (HW). But long long are not available for this target (in Keil compiler, it returns a compilation error). But this is not the problem here.

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Yohann GOYER
Yohann GOYER on 17 Oct 2018
The problem here is that the panel (the code generation advisor) are opened for each models impacted by the generation: top level model and all referenced models. I found the possibility of using the command "bdclose" for a model that will close the panel of the main model but not thoses for referenced model. So I use a bdclose 'all' and I ask user (questdlg) if all his work is save before. This solution is not perfect (I can close Windows that the script has not openend), but I will use it until I have something better.

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