Volume visualization using Volshow() in appdesigner UIAxes, is it possible?

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Luca Della Santina
Luca Della Santina on 23 Sep 2018
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 10 Nov 2020
Is it possible to interactively display a volume using the R2018b volume visualizer volshow() function within an appdesigner's UIAxes component?
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Quentin Maronnier
Quentin Maronnier on 11 Feb 2020
Same question.
Without appdesigner, its possible to create an UIPanel and then visualize with the command volshow(V) but when I want to perform the same operation on app designer it causes an error.
"Error using hg2gcv
Functionality not supported with figures created with the uifigure function. For more information, see
Graphics Support in App Designer.
Error in images.internal.volshow.View/createVolumeCanvasViewArea
Error in images.internal.volshow.View/createView
Error in volshow/set.Parent
Error in volshow/parseInputs
Error in volshow
Error in lesionInsert/ADDButtonPushed (line 405)
Error using matlab.ui.control.internal.controller.ComponentController/executeUserCallback (line 335)
Error while evaluating Button PrivateButtonPushedFcn."

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Answers (1)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 10 Nov 2020
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 10 Nov 2020
The documentation states that 'parent' should be a figure or uipanel, not an axes (Tips section).
"The volshow function creates a uipanel object in the specified parent figure."
That being said, it does not appear to work in a uipanel placed on a uifigure, which is the case with app designer. See more in my post here.

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