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Date and Time Extraction for individual data points from patient monitor device

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hello every one!
I have a few .medi files that I am tying to access date and time from. I am able to get the total duration and date from each file but not the date and time for each individual point of data.
I am also trying to combine the files in to one large file according to the date they were taken sequential. Then divide the data in 24 hour calendar periods.
thank you very much for your help guys in advance!
dpb on 5 Oct 2018
Well, we need to know format to be able to do anything...attach a small sample and the documentation for how to read it if it isn't self-documenting.

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 5 Oct 2018
The file is in NI (National Instruments) TDMS format; there's a link to a very old mex routine for Matlab to read a specific file. One would guess that likely may not run under 64-bit versions of Matlab owing to its age. It doesn't appear to be supported by NI so that may be a dead end.
I see <fileexchange/30023-tdms-reader> you may want to look at.
A Google search of "Matlab TDMS" brought quite a lot of other hits as well so all may not be lost.

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