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problem in login to account via google chrome

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I can not login to my account via google chrome and when I click on sign in link I encounter with this page(with this content on the photo)and there is no controls to entering my user name and password but on the same computer when I use Firefox, everything works good. My google chrome version is 69.
And the login URL is


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Rik on 19 Sep 2018
Does incognito mode work? Otherwise I would think you should contact support and in the mean time keep using another browser for services where you need to be logged in.
motevalizadeh on 19 Sep 2018
incognito mode does not need to login, but if you mean i can see the website and use it, the answer is use

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motevalizadeh on 20 Sep 2018
It seems it was a bug in google chrome to clearing cache.
After clearing browser cache manually it worked.

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