Documentation Search Hangs MATLAB

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Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown on 17 Sep 2018
Answered: Rishabh Rathore on 26 Sep 2018
Every time I use the "doc" command or hit enter after typing in a search in the search bar in MATLAB, the whole program hangs and I have to end task in windows task manager and restart. Is there a fix for this? It's happened for both R2017b and R2018b.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2018
I seem to recall this was a known problem in r2017b but I thought it had been fixed. I am not finding appropriate bug reports though

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Rishabh Rathore
Rishabh Rathore on 26 Sep 2018
This issue with the ‘doc’ command is likely caused by the default browser not having proper read/write permissions to the ‘temp’ directory.
Changing the default browser for rendering the doc might resolve the issue.
You can change the default browser as described in the link below:-


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