How to tune the model parameters in frequency domain - Simscape model

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Hi Guys,
after a couple of weeks I gave up and I decided to write for a help. I am working on SES model of beam, which I designed in Simulink using Simscape toolbox. Besides of the model I also have measurements from impact testing of real object. Exactly accelerations in time domain. I tried to tune the model to the real object based on the measurements using Parameter Estimation module, unfortunately after 2 weeks of constant estimation, algorithms were not able to tune the parameters to achieve at least approximate results (between real object measurements and model response). The problem in my opinion is in level of complexity of my model because it has 26 parameters (Force, dumping and stiffness on x,y and z directions). In my opinion I will not be able to tune the model basing on time domain response in connection with this there is a second option - frequency domain estimation. After looking at the examples I did not find useful for me estimation module in connection with this anybody will be able advice me which module I suppose to use and eventually how (I have also measurements in frequency domain, exactly Frequency Response Function)

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
Generally speaking, a parameter tuning workflow is not restricted to a specific domain (time, frequency, ...). As long as your tuning process includes a frequency analysis and a cost function that depends on that analysis, your tuning process will be performed there. There are many ways to obtain a frequency response, including linearization.
The frestimate function may also be useful.

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