How to avoid checking out a toolbox license at MATLAB startup to avoid blocking it for others who might need it more often

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According to this question ( link ), there is no way to release a license other than exiting MATLAB.
But I would be thankful if you could help me figure a way to avoid checking out a concurrent license when I start MATLAB, because I don't need this license all the time, and don't want to block other users who might need it more often than I do.
Is there away or workaround to do that?
Thank you in advance.
Amr ESMAEIL Senior ADAS MBD Engineer at Visteon Electronics GmbH.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 29 Aug 2018
I am not sure if I fully understand this. Let me describe how it is supposed to work (and what I know some users try):
  • If you start MATLAB of a concurrent license, it checks out a MATLAB key only, not from toolboxes
  • The respective toolbox gets check out once you are actively using this toolboxes' functionality
  • Some user have created startup.m scripts to check out toolboxes using the 'license' command. In environment where license keys are difficult available, this is their countermeasure. However, it is better to address the underlying reason. Often it is new invest, but often it is simply a change towards a better suited license model.
Amr ESMAEIL on 5 Sep 2018
Hello Andreas, Thank you for your help and support. My apologies for late reply due to work load.
It turned out that the issue was with the startup.m script, it has contained a license('checkout', ...) command, which was causing this issue.
Just removing this line from the startup.m file fixed the problem. Many thanks!
BR, Amr

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