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Why the Three-Phase Breaker block in Simscape does not behavior as expected?

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marreg on 8 Aug 2018
Answered: Mehran Mustafa on 24 Oct 2018
Dear all,
Let me introduce my problem. I am starting a model of a three-phase microgrid, but I am having some problems while usin the Three-Phase Breaker block since it doesn't behavior as expected: When I set the breaker to open state (Initial status - open / No switching any phase), I would expect that the voltage measured in the After Breaker scope were zero, but I am getting 20 kV instead. The same occurs when I set the breaker to close state. I would expect different voltage values depending on the breaker state.
Regarding the snubber parameters, Matlab's help says that Rs and Cs should be set to 0.1 and inf respectively when there is an inductor in series. Matlab also recommends to use the ode23tb solver for a most robust simulation. I am changing the snubber parameters to see if the system behavior changes, but it doesn't.
Did some of you have this problem before? Does someone know what could be the problem?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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