How do solve the 2018a HDL Workflow Advisor, Set Target Interface Error: "Reference to non-existent field 'ColumnHeaderHeight'"?

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I started getting the error,"Reference to non-existent field 'ColumnHeaderHeight'" when I select HDL Workflow Advisor step 1,2 Set Target Interface. This just started happening after opening a 2017b model using 2018a, and now happens for all my models, including ones that worked previously. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling HDL Coder, but I still get the error.

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Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald on 13 Jul 2018
Solution provided by Mathworks Tech Support. File not attached to this answer, so get from Tech support.
This appears to be an issue in R2018a which is addressed by following the steps below.
1) Download the 'createDialogForMACheck.p' file that is attached to this email.
2) Navigate to the following folder: (matlabroot)\toolbox\simulink\simulink\modeladvisor\+ModelAdvisor\@Task
3) Rename the existing createDialogForMACheck.p to createDialogForMACheck_backup.p
4) Copy the attached createDialogForMACheck.p to this folder.
5). Execute the following command in the MATLAB command window: >> rehash toolboxreset
6) Restart MATLAB.

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kiyoko on 20 Nov 2018
This issue fixed R2018b.
Here is the bug report.

RICHARD Florian on 13 Sep 2019
Hi, where can i get the "createDialogForMaCheck.p" ? I have the same error with the 2018a

Edward Tyrance
Edward Tyrance on 24 Oct 2019
Hi I am also getting the same error. where can i can the fixed file from?

Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald on 17 Jun 2021
Here is the file that is referenced to resolve the issue. Remove the .txt extension. I added it so I could attach it to this answer.

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