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How to color cell in a csv file?

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faran on 12 Jul 2018
Commented: faran on 12 Jul 2018
I am trying to color some cell in a csv file but the problem is that my code is working on a excel file and not csv file. Can anyone help? I am using the code below for coloring.
WB.Worksheets.Item(1).Range(rang).Interior.Color = hex2dec('FF0000');

Accepted Answer

Rik on 12 Jul 2018
A csv file is just a file with text characters. It generally contains numeric values that are separated by commas, hence the name. (although it is possible to use other delimiters or enter text) So it is not possible to color a cell, because they do not exist. You can color a cell in Excel, but once you try to save that csv file, the formatting will be gone (unless you save it in another format that does support colored cells).

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