Simulink block "Tags" - when i can find documentation on "practical" tags?

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So, recently i found out that when doing code execution profiling you can use a "DoNotProfile" tag on default simulink blocks to exclude them from profiling.
This made me think, are there any other "practical" tags like these, that have some implaction in algorithm simulation and implementation?
When searching simulink documentation for any mention of tags, or even the "DoNotProfile" tag, hardly anything can be found. The only mention of tags i found so far is here but it only states about "assigning tags to identify blocks".
Can anybody shed some light on this?

Answers (1)

Robert on 12 Jul 2018
According to documentation the tag of a block is just some marker you might use yourself to identify one or more blocks in your model (as you already found out). Actually "Tag" is a property common to any Matlab object, be it a figure, port, dialogue or whatever. Thus the described effect of tagging a blog as "DoNotProfile" seems to me something like an easteregg.
You'll find a lot of model parameters and also some block parameters influencing simulation and code generation, and while they are also not documented in their entirety, for most of them you'll find some useful documentation. I'd have a look there if I wanted to influence model behavior, and avoid making use of "eastereggs" as much as possible.

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