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problem with addpath in compiling

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faran on 10 Jul 2018
I am trying to use addpath to give a directory for using support packages of alexnet. But when I am trying to compile the gui, I receive the error below: This is typically caused by calls to ADDPATH in your startup.m or matlabrc.m files. Please see the compiler documentation and use the ISDEPLOYED function to ensure ADDPATH commands are not executed by deployed applications. Error using which Previously accessible file "D:\Gui folder\for_redistribution_files_only\SupportPackages\R2017b\toolbox\nnet\supportpackages\alexnet\+nnet\+internal\+cnn\+supportpackages\IsAlexNetInstalled.m" is now inaccessible.
I used a different way of giving the direction to the program and the compiling went well but I need to copy and paste the needed package in to the "for_redistribution_files_only" folder. Is there anyway to use the addpath in the compiling?

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