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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 11 Jun 2012
hi all, how can I check the value of a cell in excel ? something like:
a= str2double(get(handles.edit1,'string'));
if xlsread('C:\Data sheet.xlsx','Sheet1',A1,'value')==1
xlswrite('C:\Data sheet.xlsx',a,'Sheet1',A1);
xlswrite('C:\Data sheet.xlsx',a,'Sheet1',A2);
Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 10 Jul 2012
Hi Mark, thanks for your suggestion but so far I have a question about the code you post, I couldn't find where the part that you write in the excel after using the Activex, can you please mentions it in your code ?? thanks a lot for your answer..

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jul 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 8 Jul 2012
I am not certain of what you are asking for, but perhaps
a= str2double(get(handles.edit1,'string'));
if xlsread('C:\Data sheet.xlsx', 'Sheet1', 'A1:A1') == 1
xlswrite('C:\Data sheet.xlsx' ,a, 'Sheet1', 'A1:A1');
xlswrite('C:\Data sheet.xlsx', a, 'Sheet1', 'A2:A2');
This sequence relies upon the fact that the first output argument from xlsread() will be a numeric array containing the data; and of course that a numeric array of size 1x1 is a scalar.
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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 9 Jul 2012
it suppose to check the cells values for column A starting from A1 and write in Empty cell only..

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