How can I change from format [654] to format '654'?

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Dear all, being new to matlab i am a bit confused about the different formats...i want to perform a string comparison with strcmp but it doesnt work..I think its because the numbers are in the wrong format, the matlab output says they are like this: A= [654] I usually thought the latter was numeric but applying isnumeric(A) returns a 0...all the values are in a cell-matrix....I think I need to make A='654', how can I do this?
Thank u very much!

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 6 Jun 2012
A= 654;
A = num2str(A);
if A - cell array with double values:
A = {526 698};
A = cellfun(@num2str,A,'un',0);

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