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How do I create a Gaussian pulse for the given expression?

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I have an expression. If I use the expression in a FEA software(COMSOL Multiphysics), It gives me a plot. But in matlab, How can I generate a plot like that? I have the expression but I have no idea to plot a signal like this. I have no experience other than plotting basic sin and cosine waves. Can anyone help me out? The expression is
the other values are f=250*10^6; A=35; N=5;
so it is a 5 cycle Gaussian pulse.. I have attached the picture of the plot I generated in COMSOL.
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Tosin Babarinde
Tosin Babarinde on 7 Aug 2019
hi Addy,
good to know you asked this question here. I just got to start using MATLAB and COMSOL for some simulation. But I can not get to define as excitation signal in COMSOL which I think is what you were trying to do by defining this gauss signal in MATLAB.
do you mind giving some insight on how you did this?
I understand it's past a year already. but hoping you get this comment and have the chance to reply to me!

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 4 Jun 2018
Something like this?
f=250*10^6; A=35; N=5;
Addy on 5 Jun 2018
Yes. Thank you Rik. It worked. Can I know why point multiplication plays an Important role here? Because when I was trying, I did not use that and I came no where near the solution. I was always getting 0 for V in the equation..
Rik on 5 Jun 2018
The point signifies that a multiplication should be element-wise (same goes for division). If you don't, you're going to have a matrix multiplication, which changes the size. If you're not sure where to use a dot, you can always err on the safe side: any superfluous dots will be ignored.

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