Virtual Bus signal information

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Francois Godin
Francois Godin on 1 Jun 2018
Answered: Francois Godin on 1 Jun 2018
Understanding the differences between a Virtual and Non-Virtual bus in Simulink, I'm trying to find a workaround to query individual signals included in a virtual bus at the boundary of a SubSystem.
Anyone would know a way to extract the following information for the individual signals in the bsu: - Compiled Data Type - Compiled Sampling rate - Compiled dimension - Are they used inside the SubSystem?
Francois Godin

Answers (1)

Francois Godin
Francois Godin on 1 Jun 2018
Oh well, I just found out part of my answer: busInfo = Simulink.Bus.createObject(model,{InPort or OutPort handle})
The only remaining item is to find out if a bus element is used inside the Subsystem. I assume that Simulink/Compiler knows that information since it optimizes the code accordingly.


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