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What is the name of Bus Element inport blocks?

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I'm trying to build up a Simulink model from the Matlab command line by using the "add_block" command, which requires the block name. For example, a normal inport is like this:
add_block('built-in/Inport',[sys '/Subsystem/In1'],'Position',pos);
However, I need to add a Bus Element Input port (under Signal Routing) and I can't find the name of it. When I add it manually and right click it says that the name is just "Inport" just like a normal inport. I've tried every name I can think of but it won't work (or will give me a normal inport, which is not what I want). Does anyone know the name to use in add_block() to add Bus Element Inports?

Accepted Answer

TAB on 26 May 2018
Edited: TAB on 26 May 2018
You can do following to see the name and path of any block
1. Open Simulink library model (not library browser) using command bellow:
2. Open subsection (for example Signal Routing)
3. Select the block you want to check
4. Now in Matlab command window type
5. Block path will be displayed in command window. Copy and use it.
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dvd7e on 26 May 2018
That did it. Thank you! For other people's reference, the Bus Element block is added via:
add_block('simulink/Signal Routing/Bus Element In',...)

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