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Why can't I see instantiated objects with the Simulink debugger?

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I have some embedded matlab code inside a Simulink simulation and I'm instantiating some objects. When I step through with the debugger and set a breakpoint in the embedded matlab, I can see all the other local variables (as expected) but I cannot see the object or do anything with it that I normally could when stepping through with the Matlab debugger (outside of Simulink). The code does still run, I just can't see it in the debugger.
Any idea why? Is there a way around this?
dvd7e on 25 May 2018
Sure. As a simplified/dummy model, my Simulink is just a Matlab function, with the following code:
function y = fcn()
% Create the car object at simulation startup
persistent bmw
if isempty(bmw)
bmw = car('bmw'); % Instantiate the car object
% Every time step move the car's position
% Output the current car position
y = bmw.pos;
and this is the class definition for a "car":
classdef car < handle
name = '';
m = 1000;
pos = 0;
function obj = car(nameIn) = nameIn;
function obj = move(obj,stepVal)
obj.pos = obj.pos + stepVal;
function obj = resetPos(obj)
obj.pos = 0;
When I run this in Simulink it behaves as expected. Every iteration it moves the car position by 1 and outputs that position. The issue I'm seeing is that when I use the debugger to step through and put a breakpoint in the embedded matlab, I can't see the car object or any of its methods or properties. I usually can do this with the Matlab debugger, but apparently not in Simulink. On the other hand, I can see "normal" variables in the debugger, like the output "y".
Without being able to interact with the objects from the debugger/command line, it makes it much harder to debug or investigate what's going on.

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