How to begin with SimScape Multibody as a beginner and use it for BAJA SAEINDIA competition?

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I have been struggling to get the material that will be needed to start with simulations in MATLAB and Simulink ,Can someone suggest where to start? what to start with? and How does SimScape work or more like how does Simulink work?
I have been able to import a model using smiimport but can't go further than that ,the problem is i don't know what are the inputs and how do we get output from it ?
Further if i want to simulate an All Terrain Vehicle how do i do it?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
Here are some good starting points:
Use Onramps to get started
Look at the video series for Physical Modeling:
Look at Simscape Multibody examples for vehicle dynamics

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