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pcd file written generated from matlab not being read by pcl

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Shantnu Kakkar
Shantnu Kakkar on 11 May 2018
Edited: Jeno Boka on 6 Nov 2018
I generated a pcd file from matlab by doing pcwrite(cloud,'file.pcd'). However, when I am trying to read this file in PCL using pcl::io::loadPCDFile('file.pcd', cloud), the following error comes:
Failed to find match for field 'x'.
Failed to find match for field 'y'.
Failed to find match for field 'z'.
Has anyone encountered similar problem? Is there a work around?

Answers (2)

Zohn Fang
Zohn Fang on 12 May 2018
Hi, I face the same problem. By default, MATLAB generates double-precision floating-numbers in the PCD file, whereas PCL can only process the PCD file of single-precision. Therefore, you can choose to result in single-precision PCD files by MATLAB or let the PCD file reader of PCL support the double-precision. I think the former is easier, and I chose it. Concretely, I use the "single()" command to change the matrix "ptCloud.Location" from double-precision to single-precision, and "pcwrite" the PCD file. In this case, the PCD file is saved as single-precision automatically, which is confirmed by a line in the PCD file--"SIZE 4 4 4". In this way, the single-precision PCD file can be read by PCL. BTW, My English is not well. If the description is not clear, please reply me. I hope this can help you.

Jeno Boka
Jeno Boka on 6 Nov 2018
Edited: Jeno Boka on 6 Nov 2018
Note: ptCloud is a point cloud, read with MATLAB.
% create a Point Cloud, which is of single type
ptCloudSingle = pointCloud(single(ptCloud.Location),...
After pcwrite the written file can be parsed by PCL.
Based on Zohn Fang's answer

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