How to get unique members of an array of handle classes?

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I have an array of classdef object derived from handle. It is possible that some of these members could actually point to the same object instance. I would like to get the unique members of this array. I tried the unique function, but it only works for type double.
I realise one solution is to add a method to my class, double(obj), which would allow me to use the unique function. The problem then is getting a value to return from this method. Is there some unique object identifier I can access to do this?
I'm also open to other ways to achieve the same result (a unique array of handle objects).

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Rik on 8 May 2018
Since 2013a the unique function supports objects. Before that, you could try a nested loop with calls to isequal, or indeed convert to double (which will only work on pre-2014b).
close all
%returns handles to figure(1) and figure(2)
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Richard Crozier
Richard Crozier on 8 May 2018
You're right, actually I was being fooled by another error I had made in my code.

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