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How to turn on the function hints on command line?

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Im using mathlab 2016a. On the command line function hints will not list available commands and functions. As an example(my commands):
load fisheriris;
X=meas; % Inputs
Y=species; % Targets,Y);
Now when i type "bc." on command line and it doesn't show function lists as you can see on this photo. This photo has been taken from a studying video with matlab 2013a(I think):
I visited this article but the problem is available yet.


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Apr 2018
What toolbox is NaiveBayes in? It doesn't seem to be in my Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
Try typing a tab right after you hit dot and see if that brings up the list of properties and methods.

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