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1. What is the correct way to deepcopy an instance of a class/object whose superclass is type `handle`? `copyobj` doesn't seem to work for a handle-derived class that isn't strictly a graphics object, and overloading `copyobj` as a class method to copy each field into a new instance and return a handle seems to take just as long as constructing a new object.
2. Does it make sense to specify `AbortSet` for a `Dependent` class property? Yes, I understand you can't `set` a `Dependent` property but I have defined an overloaded `set` method to access a private class property that can be set. Does it make most sense to only specify `AbortSet` for the private class property it accesses? i.e.
properties(Dependent, AbortSet)
%display settings
properties(Access = private, AbortSet)
privateFilterTimeBand = 30;
function propval = get.filterTimeBand(hObj)
%return the number of points used in the 2D DTS filter time
%band (x-direction / columns)
propval = hObj.privateFilterTimeBand;
function set.filterTimeBand(hObj,nCol)
%update the number of points used in the 2D DTS filter time
%band (x-direction / columns)
if isnumeric(nCol) && nCol>0
%first update the filter time band
hObj.privateFilterTimeBand = ceil(nCol);
%next re-filter temperature using the new filter window

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 3 Apr 2018
1. Deriving from matlab.mixin.copyable is the easiest. It's a bit of work to implement but it provides a well defined interface.
2. AbortSet on a dependent property is pointless since it'll never have a PreSet or PostSet event nor will it ever be set. I would assume that matlab just ignore the attribute for dependent properties but just in case, I would not include it.

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