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Changing name of figure in gui from 'untitled 1'

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gozigoz on 15 Mar 2018
I built a gui using GUIDE, but for some reason there are two names in the top when I run the gui.
The first is the file name, and the seconds is 'Untitled 1' (attached in the figure). How do I change the second name? or even remove it?
Thanks, Gal


Marek on 15 Mar 2018
Have you tried to search for ‘Untitled 1’ in your code? It looks like it was created by guide template. Without the code it could be tricky. Untitled 1 probably is not figure name. Try to just click on the Untitled 1, then go to command window without clicing anything in your gui. Run this code.
objHnd = gco;
It will tell you class of this graphic object which have this title. If you know if this is a figure or panel or something else you can try to find where in your code this objec is created.
Adam on 15 Mar 2018
I don't think I've ever seen a title bar quite like that from GUIDE before. Surely you know how you created it as you developed the GUI? It can't have just appeared from nowhere!
gozigoz on 15 Mar 2018
OK, found what was the problem. I did what Marek suggested and found out it was something to do with the gui's graphics. Under Tools-> menu editor (in the GUIDE tool bar) was an object called 'Untitled 1'. I don't know where and why it came from, but deleting it fixed the problem.
Thank you both!

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Salvador Castro Tapia
Salvador Castro Tapia on 22 Aug 2019
I had the same problem. This is just a Menu that in some point you putted there.
To check it out, open your 'Guide.fig', and then click on the Object Browser as shown in the image and you'll be able to see all your controls and stuff. In my case, the Menu (Untitled 1) appears at the end. I wasn't able to delete it but you can make it 'no visible'. To do so, double click on the 'Menu' and the Inspector will appear so you can uncheck the 'Visible' property.Menu.png


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