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Regarding the Zybo board and Embedded Coder

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I'm currently working with a Zybo board and using MATLAB's HDL and Embedded Coder for automatic code generation.
I have a question regarding Embedded Coder for the project I am working on. I would like to run two separate tasks in parallel on the dual processor in the ZYBO board, however, when running Embedded Coder there is no option to target a specific processor.
If anyone else has come across this, is there a way I can find out which processor my code is being uploaded to and is there a way I can control this?
Many thanks

Answers (2)

Andy Tang
Andy Tang on 9 Mar 2018
Same here, I also wondering the same problem too. Is there any MATLAB master can answer this?

MathWorks Embedded Coder Team
You cannot control what process runs on which core of ARM Cortex-A9 CPU on Zybo hardware board.
However, if your model has multiple rates (tasks), you can allow the tasks to execute concurrently on the hardware board. To enable the concurrent tasking behavior for the model: Check “Allow tasks to execute concurrently on target” setting, in Simulink model Configuration parameters > Solver page.

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