Simulink Raspberry Pi "Deploy Hardware" - application not working after RPI reboot

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First question, is "Deploy to Hardware" option when implementing model on Raspberry Pi B+ V1.2 with Simulink support for Raspberry Pi Hardware, meant to deploy the program in a way that it should run even when RPI is restarted?
Because I'm experiencing issue when my application designed in Simulink stops working (can't tell if fully or partially) when i restart my RPI (power loss etc.)
The application reads sensors over 1-wire, does some basic math and then sends data to ThingSpeak over wifi. All IP configuration is correct, I can bring up terminal on Matlab, I can deploy program, it works as intended.
Now problematic part, say for any reason i turn off RPI power and turn it on again. RPI will boot up, it has valid internet connection, i can bring up terminal from Matlab yet previously deployed application will refuse to work (judging by the fact that 0 data is sent over to ThingSpeak).
Is that behaviour intended (model not starting on RPI after reboot)?
If yes, how do i make it run automatically?
If no, what are the steps to troubleshoot this issue?

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan on 16 Feb 2018
It is intended behavior. If you want to run your application automatically on startup you should modify /etc/rc.local file which is the startup for your raspberry pi. I would recommend adding the following lines at the end of the rc.local file.
cd /home/pi
sudo ./modelname.elf (use your model's name here)
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Evan Rittner
Evan Rittner on 19 Dec 2020
Is there any way of preventing the application from running automatically when deployed (and require running it explicitly)?

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