Error using packNGo when building Simulink Real-Time model

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I am attempting to build a simulink real time model on a target PC with a UDP Send block inside it. I keep getting errors when I attempt to use the packNGo to package the appropriate dlls as mentioned here.
My question is why am I getting this error and how do I correctly package the necessary dll files for my real time model? Do I need to add more items to my Windows path?
Below is my process:
When attempting to originally download the model to the target machine, I received the error:
Could not open library: networkdevice.dll. ... use the packNGo function
I since added the following code when I compile my model
'packNGo(buildInfo, {''packType'' ''hierarchical''})');
It subsequently outputs:
Warning: The following error occurred while attempting to run the preprocessor to find the minimum needed set of include files:
While parsing the source file 'pathToModel\modelName.c' the following error
pathToModel\modelName.h:28: cannot open source file "xpcdatatypes.h"
| #include <xpcdatatypes.h>
And then errors on not being able to find the file named "dummy"
Error using coder.internal.PCGHook
Error encountered while executing PostCodeGenCommand for model 'modelName': File "dummy" does not exist.
  • Windows 7
  • Matlab 2017b (with associated Simulink 9)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017
I have added matlab's bin path to my Windows path variable as suggested here.
Again, do I need to give more visibility to the xpcdatatypes.h file's location (it lives at C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2017b\toolbox\rtw\targets\xpc\target\build\xpcblocks\include\xpcdatatypes.h)?
Is there any other step that I need to do before building the model?

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bing li
bing li on 17 Oct 2018
Have you solve this problem?I got the same one.


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