How to separate the elements if any two elements of a row in a matrix is same in other rows of the matrix?

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A=[1 2 5;
2 3 5;
3 4 5;
1 5 6;
1 2 3]
Suppose I have the above A matrix. Now I will compare the elements of row one with all other rows of the matrix and if any two elements of other rows become same with the first row then i want to separate them. Similarly, I need to check for rest of the rows.
Like, here 2 5 of first row is also in 2nd row, 1 5 is in 4th row and 1 2 is in fifth row. SO i will store them in a matrix B=[2 5;1 5;1 2]. Similarly foe 2nd row, 3 5 is in third row,2 3 is in 5th row; so B matrix will be updated as B=[2 5;1 5;1 2;3 5;2 3]

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Birdman on 19 Jan 2018
Edited: Birdman on 19 Jan 2018
You may also use intersect and setdiff. For instance, here is an approach for the situation:
for i=1:size(A,1)
for j=1:numel(temp)
This compares the ith row of A matrix with the remaining ones and stores the different values in a cell array.

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