Simulink Design Error Detection shipping example "objectives are falsified - needs simulation", what to do now?

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Hello, Im running Design Error Detection example
I open it and double click the Run button, I see progress window and after while the results window displays:
Design error detection completed normally.
5/7 objectives are valid.
2/7 objectives are falsified - needs simulation.
Highlight analysis results on model
View tests in Simulation Data Inspector
Detailed analysis report: (HTML) (PDF)
Create harness model
Export test cases to Simulink Test
In analysis report it shows them as "Overflow", just like its supposed to do, but my question is is there anything else i should do to make the objectives "not falsified"?
The report says that it "needs simulation", is there any specific way how im supposed to simulate it to not get "falsified objectives"?

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 5 Feb 2018
Hi Multiplexer,
Great question!
The purpose of running a simulation ("needs simulation") is to confirm that the objectives have been falsified. In this case, you are being prompted to run a simulation to confirm the Overflow design error so that you can then fix the problem.
Try clicking on "Create harness model" in the Results window and running the simulation.
The objectives will no longer be falsified only when the design error in the model is fixed.

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