Plotting points on google map/adjusting size by occurrence

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I am using the plot_google_map function
I am trying to plot the number of vesicles passing a certain point, and therefore each latitude and longitude has more than one 'hit'. I.e. if the point of the road is busy, then there will be several counts in the data set.
Whilst I got the code working above, I would like to now do 2 things: (1) generate a heat/intensity map whereby those latitude/longitudes with a high number of counts (busy roads) appear in red, whilst low counts are a blue (overlaid on google maps) - another option with this is to adjust the size of the marker by the frequency of cars passing. (2) clicking each data points gives information about the amount of cars passing.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
My data is:
figure; plot(Longitude,Latitude,'.r','MarkerSize',20) plot_google_map('maptype','roadmap') zoomHandle=zoom; set(zoomHandle,'ActionPostCallback',@update_google_map); panHandle=pan; set(panHandle,'ActionPostCallback',@update_google_map);
Thank you!

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