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Plot issue (maybe using set and gca)

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Sarah on 5 May 2012
Hey guys, here is the code that I have:
stem(Tim,Var1,'MarkerSize',0,'Color','k'); hold on;
stem(Tim,Var3,'MarkerSize',0,'Color','r'); hold off;
set(gca,'YTickLabel',{0; 1; 2; 3;})
So for a specific length of time, Var1 = 1, Var2 = 2, Var3 = 3. I expect my Y axis to represent this, and the stem for each Var should rise to the associated value.
However, when I plot, this is not the case. Here is what actually happens:
Any help or advice on this issue would be much appreciated!
EDIT*** For this plot's time period, Var2 should be the only one showing.
Sarah on 5 May 2012
Because all Vars are defined as absolute time ranges. It just turns out that for the time period that I have plotted in the x axis, Var2 is defined.
Think of the Vars as "events" that occur during absolute time. I just want a record of those events.
Sarah on 5 May 2012
Var3 does not occur within the time period that I have plotted

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Answers (1)

Sarah on 5 May 2012
I have thought about it a little more. I think this has to do with my YTickLabel. Basically, I have to make sure that the label corresponds with the value of Var.
Does anyone know how I can make each YTick correspond with the value of Var1 - 3?


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