Modifying input arguments in the MatLab 2017 App designer

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Using MatLab 2017 App Designer, I am trying to pass arguments from one app to another app. For example, when user data is entered from one app, I wish to close the first app and pass the data in the form of input arguments upon immediately opening the second app from the first app. I have not found a way to modify the input arguments of an app even though I am repeatedly seeing that it is possible using as a reference. However, I am not seeing the "app input arguments" in the editor tab in my version.
Any advice on how to overcome this issue? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams on 24 Jan 2018
Hi Richard,
This feature was introduced in MATLAB R2017b. The documentation always refers to the most current version of MATLAB. If possible, your best bet is to upgrade to R2017b.
If upgrading is not an option, you can achieve what you are trying to do by adding a public property on your second app.
Instead of passing in the value when you launch the app,
  1. launch the second app and hold a reference to it, such as mySecondApp = app2.
  2. set the value you want to pass to the public property, = someValue.
  3. Close the first app
Hope this helps, let me know if any steps need additional clarification
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Basem Nabil
Basem Nabil on 9 May 2019
I have the same issue and I followed your steps but I keep getting an error. That's my code.
services in the 2nd app.
ID & Name are 2 public properties in the 2nd app.Annotation 2019-05-09 235522.png
ser = services;
ser.ID = record.ID;
ser.Name= Name;

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