sfunction builder function through command line

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Pika on 2 May 2012
Answered: Sanket on 15 Apr 2019
Is there a way to build from the sfunction builder via command line instead of opening the dialog box and pressing "build"?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 2 May 2012
See this solution for the command-line API.
Try this code since there seems to be an error in the code from the solution:
blkNames = find_system(bdroot,'lookundermasks','all','BlockType','S-Function');
for blkIdx = 1:numel(blkNames)
blkHandle = get_param(blkNames{blkIdx}, 'Handle');
appdata = sfunctionwizard(blkHandle,'GetApplicationData');
appdata = sfunctionwizard(blkHandle,'Build',appdata);
Also, make sure that the model is open when the code is run.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 7 May 2012
Not sure why the solution assumes that find_system returns a structure. It does indeed return a cell-array of block names as you have observed. Try the code I edited and posted in my answer.

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arun kumar
arun kumar on 20 Mar 2015
can i also write this appdata back to the s-function block. or is there any other way i can modify the s-function inports and outports from the command line? ofcourse i can modify the appdata structure but then how do i feed this information back to the s-function?
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giga on 1 May 2016
Hi did anyone have an answer for this question? Thanks!

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kiyoko on 24 Jul 2018
sfunctionwizard is undocumented and not officially supported. If you are looking for command-line s-function authoring functionality, then the legacy code tool is designed for this.

Sanket on 15 Apr 2019
appdata = sfunctionwizard(blkHandle,'GetApplicationData') is not working for 2017b, any alternate solution?
>> appdata = sfunctionwizard(gcb,'GetApplicationData')
No method 'setBlockHandle' with matching signature found for class
Error in sfunctionwizard



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